Hey home exercisers, sometimes gym classes offer added benefits

Hey home exercisers, sometimes gym classes offer added benefits

(HealthDay)—There's nothing like the convenience of working out at home or going for a walk on your schedule.

But taking classes at a gym or fitness center could hold some motivational magic for you. And you don't have to give up your home gym or on-your-own workouts. Think of adding a gym routine as a way to make your fitness efforts more well-rounded.

According to the American Council on Exercise (ACE), one of the top benefits of belonging to a gym is the individualized guidance you'll get from a professional, something lacking when it's just you and your DVD player at home, for instance.

Signing up for a regular class will heighten your sense of accountability. You'll be more likely to stick with your fitness plan if you've paid for a membership or a block of classes in advance.

Classes also offer a social component you can't get at , with support from your peers and an increased sense of motivation as participants encourage each other. Almost any type of exercise class can turn a workout from drudgery to a fun experience, one you'll really look forward to.

Even if you're a master in your favorite activity, joining a class can bring a new dynamic to your or enable you to take it to a more challenging level.

It's important to note that teaching group classes is as much of a skill as being a . When checking out a gym, ask if the instructors are certified through a program like ACE so you can truly maximize the experience.

More information: The American Council on Exercise has more tips to help you find the best group exercise class for your needs.

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