Why barefoot running may help prevent common injuries

barefoot running
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If you've been opting for walks and runs lately instead of hitting the gym, here's something you may want to consider: barefoot running.

Some say it may prevent injuries.

Peter Francis, an exercise science expert, wrote in a CNN Health article that "a growing body of evidence shows running shoes might actually be doing us more harm than good."

"Our latest review suggests that wearing shoes changes the way we run and weakens the foot in a way that can contribute to many common sports injuries," Francis wrote for CNN.

But before you kick off the sneakers, here are some things to keep in mind.

Francis suggests starting slow. A minimalist can be a good introduction to the world of barefoot running. He also notes that shoes are far from the only culprit when it comes to running injuries: age and changes in mileage, among other factors, should also be factored in.

But Francis wrote that barefoot runners tend to present fewer knee and heel injuries. In general, shoes make feet weaker, which can increase chances.

"Shoes allow runners to land with a more upright body position and an extended leg, leading to excessive braking forces. These running mechanics seem to play a role in some of the most common running injuries," he wrote.

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