Turkey adjusts coronavirus cases up to 1.75 million

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Turkey has recorded nearly 1.75 million cases since the start of the pandemic, the health ministry said on Thursday, after releasing a significantly lower toll including only patients requiring medical care.

Officials had previously only published the number of "patients" but last month returned to publishing the total number of .

The Turkish Medical Association had warned that the daily number of cases was higher than the government's figures, an average of around 30,000 a week.

The said on Thursday there were 1,748,567 cases since the first confirmed infection in March, jumping from 955,956 announced earlier in the day.

The number of daily deaths also reached a record high on Thursday of 220, pushing the total to 15,751.

As the outbreak worsens, Ankara ordered the return of weekend lockdowns last weekend and there is discussion of a possible four-day curfew during the New Year period.

Schools have been closed since November while restaurants and cafes can only provide takeaway service.

There is also a curfew between 1800 GMT and 0200 GMT on weekdays but doctors' groups and the opposition have called for stricter measures.

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