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Young men lack awareness of supplements' impact on fertility

Young men lack awareness of supplements' impact on fertility

There is a significant lack of awareness about the effects of gym lifestyles on male infertility in young adults, according to a study published in the January issue of Reproductive BioMedicine Online.

Alice Newman-Sanders, from the University of Birmingham and Birmingham Women's and Children's NHS Foundation Trust in the United Kingdom, and colleagues assessed ' awareness of the potential impacts of gym lifestyle factors and supplementation on . The analysis included 153 survey responses from gym enthusiasts.

The researchers observed a statistically significant difference between male and female awareness of the potential impacts of some forms of high-intensity exercise and protein supplementation on male reproductive health. Only 14 percent of male participants considered how gym routines or supplement use might impact fertility.

Overall, fewer men had thought about their fertility versus those who were curious about their fertility and those who believed their personal fertility is important to them. If a behavior were to have a long-term versus short-term effect on their fertility, then more men were likely to make a change in their behavior.

"Men have a potentially alarming lack of concern over their own fertility and how factors such as gym supplements can have negative long-term impacts," the authors write.

More information: Alice Newman-Sanders et al, Gym lifestyle factors and male reproductive health: a study into young adult usage and perceptions, Reproductive BioMedicine Online (2023). DOI: 10.1016/j.rbmo.2023.103623

Journal information: Reproductive Biomedicine Online

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