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Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

African countries battle-ready to take on COVID-19

Experience combating Ebola has been a key element in the effective response of African nations to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to research out today from Oxford's Leverhulme Centre for Demographic Science in collaboration ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

COVID-19 lockdown data shows men travelled 48% more than women

Men have moved further than women before and during the UK's lockdown, according to data today from the Oxford COVID-19 Impact Monitor—potentially raising questions over whether this could have been a factor in the increased ...

Medical research

New weapon identified in arsenal against disease

Scientists at the Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology in the Nuffield Department of Orthopaedics, Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Sciences have discovered a new way for T cells to attack cells infected by viruses or deranged ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

How and when to end the COVID-19 lockdown: An optimization approach

Countries around the world are in a state of lockdown to help limit the spread of SARS-CoV-2. However, as the number of new daily confirmed cases begins to decrease, governments must decide how to release their populations ...

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