The University of Hong Kong

The University of Hong Kong (or HKU, Chinese: 香港大學) is the oldest tertiary institution in Hong Kong. Its motto is "Sapientia et Virtus" in Latin, meaning "wisdom and virtue", and "明德格物" in Chinese. The medium of instruction in most classes is English. The school adopts the problem-based learning teaching strategy which aims to train students' problem solving skills. It has a great achievement in Humanities, Legal subjects, Political science, Biological science and Medicine.


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Oncology & Cancer

Researchers develop dual anti-tumor vaccine

A research team at the LKS Faculty of Medicine, the University of Hong Kong (HKUMed), has discovered that exosomes derived from γδ-T cells not only have direct anti-tumor effects but also, when developed into a tumor vaccine, ...

Medical research

New monoclonal antibody for treating cerebral ischemia injury

A research team from the LKS Faculty of Medicine at the University of Hong Kong (HKUMed) has successfully developed a neutralizing monoclonal antibody, 6H2, which targets a harmful protein known to exacerbate damage caused ...

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