University of Liverpool

The University of Liverpool was founded in 1881 and enjoys a solid reputation for its school of engineering, veterinary medicine and medicine. Today over 21,000 undergraduate, graduate, post-doctoral, on-line students and extension students make up the student body. The University of Liverpool has eight Nobel Laureates who have been associated with its university. It houses Centres of Excellence for research and recently expanded its global scope by opening an independent university in Suzhou, China in partnership with Xi'an Jiotong University. Researcher and press inquiries are welcome.

The University of Liverpool, Press Room, Liverpool L69 3BX

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Medical research

Novel nano-engineered microneedles for HIV drug delivery

Researchers from the University of Liverpool and Queen's University Belfast have been awarded over £1m by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (ESPRC) to examine the use of nano-engineered microarray patches ...

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