Calcium intake and absorption: Are you getting enough?

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body. About 1% of the body's calcium is used for metabolic functions, such as vascular contraction and dilation, muscle function, blood clotting, heart rhythm, nerve transmission, ...

Oncology & Cancer

The lesser-known health benefit of Dry January: Cancer prevention

As we begin 2024, resolutions to eat healthier and exercise more are likely on many minds. This year, you may consider adding another: Reducing alcohol or taking a break altogether. Many people have also started to participate ...


Key protein helps infant mice absorb more calcium from breast milk

A key protein known as claudin-2, which lines the intestinal epithelial cells of infant mice, helps them absorb more calcium from breast milk, according to a new study published in the journal Function titled "Maternal epidermal ...


Weight loss surgery can change the way medicines work

About a third of Australians are obese and some require surgery to help with weight loss. However the surgery can change the way medicines work. In Australian Prescriber, weight loss experts Dr. Teresa Girolamo and Rosemary ...

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Absorption may refer to:

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