Alzheimer's disease & dementia

Lack of sleep boosts levels of Alzheimer's proteins

Have you resolved to take better care of yourself in the new year? Here's a relatively painless way to do it: Catch a few more zzz's every night. A third of American adults don't get enough sleep, according to the Centers ...


Breathing patterns during sleep found to impact memory processes

How are memories consolidated during sleep? In 2021, researchers led by Dr. Thomas Schreiner, leader of the Emmy Noether junior research group at LMU's Department of Psychology, had already shown there was a direct relationship ...

Medical research

New treatment for severe short stature shows promise

Teresa Quattrin, MD, University at Buffalo Distinguished Professor of pediatrics, is a co-author on a new global study that suggests a novel treatment option for children with achondroplasia—a form of severe short stature.

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