Mysterious fats reprogram the memory of innate immune cells

Researchers at Radboudumc have unveiled a fascinating connection between sphingolipids, mysterious fats named after the "Sphinx," and the memory of cells from the innate immune system. This discovery provides new avenues ...

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Don't lose hair over your hair loss

Whether it be a few strands falling out in the shower or signs of a receding hairline, hair loss can happen to anyone. An expert at Baylor College of Medicine reveals some of the reasons behind hair loss and why you might ...


Study identifies new pathway to suppressing autoimmunity

Researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine, Yale University School of Medicine, and the Hospital for Special Surgery Research Institute have uncovered new details about how the immune system prevents the production ...


Consumer health: When does a heart murmur need treatment?

Heart murmurs are sounds, such as whooshing or swishing, made by rapid, choppy blood flow through the heart. The sounds can be heard with a device called a stethoscope and are different from those of a normal heartbeat.

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