Psychology & Psychiatry

How early fears play a role in future anxiety, depression

A recent imaging study led by a scientist at The University of Texas at Dallas has identified early risk factors linked to children's temperament and a neural process that could foretell whether an individual might develop ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

How the pandemic may have altered your personality

From rethinking workspaces to how we socialize with one another, there hasn't been a part of our lives unaffected by the pandemic. A new study shows the effects of the pandemic could even have altered our personality.

Psychology & Psychiatry

COVID messaging: Caring or condescending?

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, it wasn't unusual to see and hear public health announcements geared toward older populations because they were more susceptible to severe illness.


How a mother's mood influences her baby's ability to speak

Up to 70% of mothers develop postnatal depressive mood, also known as baby blues, after their baby is born. Analyses show that this can also affect the development of the children themselves and their speech. Until now, however, ...

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