Psychology & Psychiatry

Specific brain responses to traumatic stress linked to PTSD risk

Results from the largest prospective study of its kind indicate that in the initial days and weeks after experiencing trauma, individuals facing potentially threatening situations who had less activity in their hippocampus—a ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Racial discrimination affects brain microstructure

Racial discrimination increases the risk for physical and mental illnesses, and Black women suffer from diseases at significantly higher rates than White women. How traumatic experiences such as discrimination increase vulnerability ...


Sentences have their own timing in the brain

The brain links incoming speech sounds to knowledge of grammar, which is abstract in nature. But how does the brain encode abstract sentence structure? In a neuroimaging study published in PLOS Biology, researchers from the ...


New study reveals where memory fragments are stored

After an unforgettable dinner at a restaurant, it's not just the food that leaves a trace in your mind. The odors, the decor, the sound of the band playing, the conversations, and many other features combine to form a distinctive ...

Parkinson's & Movement disorders

Parkinson's disease: Bad dreams could be an early warning sign

Every night when we go to sleep, we spend a couple of hours in a virtual world created by our brains in which we are the main protagonist of an unfolding story we did not consciously create. In other words, we dream.

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