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Mothers nurture emotions in girls over boys, new study finds

A new study published today in The British Journal of Developmental Psychology has found that conversations mothers have with their daughters tend to contain more emotional words and content, than the conversations they have ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

New study lists top psychologists of modern era

Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Ivan Pavlov, Charles Darwin – all eminent scientists who made major contributions to the understanding of human and animal behavior. They achieved their lofty reputations primarily during the 19th ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

How mothers help children explore right and wrong

There's no question that mothers want their children to grow up to be good people—but less is known about how they actually help their offspring sort out different types of moral issues.

Autism spectrum disorders

A better approach to diagnosing autism

As the number of children with autism increases nationwide, the need for effective and consistent clinical diagnosis is growing. A statewide committee recently published new guidelines designed to ensure health professionals, ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Attractive adults gain the trust of children

An adult with an attractive face is more likely to gain the trust of children, new research has found. Published in the British Journal of Developmental Psychology, the study revealed both boys and girls are more prone to ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Chronic aggressive behavior in boys: Epigenetic sources?

Chronic aggressive behaviour exhibited by some boys from disadvantaged families may be due to epigenetic changes during pregnancy and early childhood. This is highlighted by two studies conducted by a team led by Richard ...

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