A new machine learning-based approach to drug repurposing

A new study presents a novel approach to drug repurposing that incorporates two-stage prediction and machine learning. The study is published in the peer-reviewed OMICS: A Journal of Integrative Biology.

Oncology & Cancer

Genome-wide intricacies of cancer inhibitor untangled

A newly discovered inhibitor of a common cancer-causing protein operates selectively, reducing expression of genes that fuel rampant cell proliferation and alter the epigenome, according to a Northwestern Medicine study published ...

Oncology & Cancer

Researchers develop newly redefined breast cancer response subtypes

Research scientists and statisticians from UC San Francisco have developed improved biomarker classifications as part of their research results in the I-SPY 2 trial for high-risk breast cancer patients. The new cancer response ...

Oncology & Cancer

New database to 'SpUR' on cancer research

An interactive web portal developed by scientists at KAUST offers a platform for cancer researchers to interrogate how RNA splicing in noncoding parts of genes fuels the growth of different types of tumors.

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