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Is depression over-diagnosed and over-treated?

(Medical Xpress)—A University of Liverpool study has found that people are increasingly diagnosed and treated with medication for depression when they are suffering 'normal' human experiences such as grief and sadness.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Examining fathers' grief after miscarriage

Fathers' grief after a miscarriage is often overlooked. A trio of doctoral counseling students in the William & Mary School of Education set out to rectify that, and published the results of their interviews with fathers ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

As a therapist, how should I grieve after a patient's suicide?

Beth (Some names have been changed) is a social worker based in the USA. As I interview her over Skype, she rifles through paperwork looking for an envelope with the name Toby* on it, which contains a photograph, a funeral ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

How to comfort a child whose sibling has died

In 1971, when I was four years old, my brother died of a congenital heart condition. Writing about this experience has prompted more responses than anything else I've ever written or spoken about. Untold and unheard stories ...


Grief symptoms similar in donor vs non-donor decision families

(HealthDay)—Perceptions of the organ donation experience vary between relatives who decide to donate their relative's organs and those who do not, but the decision does not appear to be associated with subsequent grief ...

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