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New study investigates perceived interactions with deceased partners or spouses

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A new study published in OMEGA—Journal of Death and Dying investigates perceived interactions with the deceased (ADCs), "a phenomenon reported across societies, with 30–34% of individuals likely experiencing at least one ADC in their lifetime," according to the research.

Despite this prevalence, studies examining the impact of ADCs' on those who have lost partners are limited. The researchers surveyed 70 individuals reporting partner ADCs via an .

Of the respondents, 40% said their experiences accelerated their recovery, and 42.9% confirmed that the experiences significantly influenced their grieving process.

In total, 61% of the respondents said they hoped for continued contact; the experiences did not make their pain worse. Regarding grief-related sadness, 41% reported no change due to the ADCs, while 40% expressed less sadness. Forty-seven percent said that ADCs eased acceptance of their loss.

The data suggests that ADCs may play a therapeutic role in and healing, despite differing effects on sadness and .

The researchers write, "This study underscores the ADCs' possible positive influence on bereaved partners, advocating for a deeper understanding of this in the grieving process."

More information: Jennifer K. Penberthy et al, Description and Impact of Encounters With Deceased Partners or Spouses, OMEGA—Journal of Death and Dying (2023). DOI: 10.1177/00302228231207900

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