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Humans to blame for spread of coronavirus and other 'zoonoses'

Whether it came from a bat or a pangolin is not certain, but one thing is: the coronavirus outbreak that has killed tens of thousands and turned the world upside down comes from the animal world.

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Why clinical trials during disease outbreaks may need a new approach

Scientists around the world are racing to develop vaccines and treatments for the novel coronavirus in an effort to halt the global COVID-19 pandemic. While recognizing the need for speed, the scientific community is committed ...


Helping kids cope with COVID-19

The coronavirus, or COVID-19, outbreak has impacted people all over the world at the same time. Unlike other disasters that may affect one region or specific community, the global-scale of this pandemic is unusual. The uncertainty ...

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Opinion: Why 'Patient Zero' is such a toxic term

Heightened fears surrounding COVID-19 have once again brought the idea of "patient zero" into public consciousness. Ever since it was coined by accident in the 1980s, this popular yet slippery term has regularly—and misguidedly—been ...

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Adherence to quarantine during COVID-19 pandemic

Information, social influence, the practicalities of isolation and a clear understanding of the benefits of quarantine are key to people adhering to this measure to contain infectious disease outbreaks, according to new research ...

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Austria prosecutors probe coronavirus outbreak in ski resort

Austrian prosecutors said Tuesday they were investigating possible negligence during a coronavirus outbreak in a ski resort that led to hundreds of foreigners travelling back to their countries infected.

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