Arthritis & Rheumatism

Does brepocitinib benefit patients with psoriatic arthritis?

Brepocitinib is an oral drug that inhibits certain enzymes involved in inflammation—called tyrosine kinase 2 and Janus kinase 1—and is being tested for the treatment of several immunological diseases. A phase IIb randomized ...

Oncology & Cancer

Study identifies enzyme that helps tumors evade the immune system

Northwestern Medicine scientists have identified an enzyme which aids tumors in evading the immune system, findings that could provide future directions for tumor treatment, according to a study published in Nature Communications.

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In chemistry and biochemistry, a kinase is a type of enzyme that transfers phosphate groups from high-energy donor molecules, such as ATP, to specific substrates, a process referred to as phosphorylation. Kinases are part of the larger family of phosphotransferases. Kinases are not to be confused with phosphorylases, which carry out phosphorolysis, the breaking of a bond using an inorganic phosphate group; or with phosphatases, which remove phosphate groups.

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