Demystifying a mammal's brain, cell by cell

A group of scientists, including several at Harvard, have dived deeper into the mammalian brain than ever before by categorizing and mapping at the molecular level all of its thousands of different cell types.


Examining the pedigree of brain cells

The superior colliculus in the mammalian brain takes on many important tasks by making sense of our environment. Any mistakes during the development of this brain region can lead to severe neurological disorders. ISTA scientist ...

Endocrinology & Metabolism

Metabolism meets signaling to fine-tune cell growth

Cells use a variety of metabolic pathways to synthesize the building blocks for growth and proliferation. To ensure balanced growth, these biosynthetic processes must be tightly coordinated. Researchers from the Max Planck ...

Medical research

Study unveils picolinic acid's broad-spectrum antiviral abilities

Picolinic acid, a natural compound produced by mammalian cells, can block several disease-causing viruses such as SARS-CoV-2 and influenza A viruses, according to a new study by researchers at the Indian Institute of Science ...

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