How much energy do we expend thinking and using our brain?

After a long day of work or study, your brain might feel like it has been drained of energy. But does our brain burn more energy when engaging in mental athletics than it does during other activities, such as watching TV?

Psychology & Psychiatry

Researchers find new clues to potential cause of OCD

QIMR Berghofer researchers are a step closer to solving what causes obsessive-compulsive disorder, after discovering changes in how distinct brain regions communicate. This important finding could guide the development of ...

Arthritis & Rheumatism

What are the major types of arthritis?

Arthritis strikes millions of Americans, leaving them with aching, inflamed joints that make it hard to move around without pain.

Medical research

Wearable microscopes advance spinal cord imaging in mice

The spinal cord acts as a messenger, carrying signals between the brain and body to regulate everything from breathing to movement. While the spinal cord is known to play an essential role in relaying pain signals, technology ...


Mapping the neural activity in mammalian brains

The function of the brain depends on the kind of circuit network it forms to enable perception and actions. No technology exists, however, to help reveal the structure of the hidden network by examining the neural activity ...


Study reveals how CBD counters epileptic seizures

A study reveals a previously unknown way in which cannabidiol (CBD), a substance found in cannabis, reduces seizures in many treatment-resistant forms of pediatric epilepsy.

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