COVID-19 frequently causes neurological injuries

Without directly invading the brain or nerves, the virus responsible for COVID-19 causes potentially damaging neurological injuries in about one in seven infected, a new study shows. These injuries range from temporary confusion ...


2020 Nobel season opens with medicine prize

Breakthroughs in the field of health will be honoured Monday when the 2020 Nobel season kicks off with the medicine prize, as the world battles the worst pandemic in a century.

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Improving Trump could return to White House Monday: doctor

President Donald Trump has "continued to improve" as he is treated for COVID-19 at a military hospital near Washington, his doctors said Sunday, adding that he could be discharged as early as Monday.

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Mask up and breathe easy: Masks have no effect on oxygen levels

Wearing a mask, while necessary and required at the University of Kentucky, can cause some people to feel anxious and panic. It's all a part of "anxiety sensitivity," a psychological trait that causes people to view certain ...


Prevention of heart disease can start before birth

Babies that experience low oxygen levels in the womb due to pregnancy complications often go on to develop heart disease in adulthood. A study using sheep has discovered that a specialised antioxidant called MitoQ can prevent ...

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