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Phone calls create stronger bonds than text-based communications

After months of social distancing mandates, people are leaning heavily on technology for a sense of social connection. But new research from The University of Texas at Austin suggests people too often opt to send email or ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

COVID-19 is evaporating casual connections and why that's bad

It's the conversations with a local barista, a bus driver, a casual work acquaintance, or a person in line at the store that make up what the experts call "weak ties": individuals we don't know well, if at all, but who nevertheless ...

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Scam alert: Things a COVID-19 contact tracer wouldn't say

State officials and federal agencies warn there's a new phone scam circulating: Some callers posing as COVID-19 contact tracers try to pry credit card or bank account information from unsuspecting victims.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Call, don't email: The perils of conveying emotions virtually

The only thing harder than knowing what to say to stressed co-workers or customers is knowing whether to say it face to face or via email or phone. But new research from the McCombs School of Business at The University of ...


Telemedicine is here: Experts offer tips for seniors

(HealthDay)—Virtual medical visits have been invaluable for many during the COVID-19 pandemic, but older adults may still need help managing them—especially if they are hard of hearing.

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NYC begins registering travelers at COVID-19 checkpoints

New York City opened new traveler checkpoints Thursday to register visitors and residents returning from checkpoints don't involve the police, but the city's Sheriff's Office, which enforces civil law, said it would pull ...

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