Premature babies become more sensitive to pain in later life

( -- Premature babies who undergo painful treatments whilst in intensive care become more sensitive to pain compared to healthy newborns, according to new research by scientists at UCL (University College London). ...

Medical research

Antibiotic found to protect hearing in mice

A type of antibiotic that can cause hearing loss in people has been found to paradoxically protect the ears when given in extended low doses in very young mice.


The blood detective

( --UCI hematologist Dr. Jae Chang employs medical sleuthing skills to identify rare blood disorders.


Early results of therapy for preemies not sustained

Inhaled nitric oxide (iNO), a therapy used in the treatment of premature newborns with respiratory failure that had shown promising results in short-term studies, does not significantly improve long-term outcomes, according ...

Medical research

Premature newborns lack 'death NET' to fight sepsis

When locked in mortal combat with infection, some mature white blood cells have a formidable weapon: they literally cast a DNA net—called a neutrophil extracellular trap (NET)—that captures and kills bacteria that invade ...

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