Sports medicine & Kinesiology

What happens when a kneecap dislocates

Knee dislocation can be caused by a sudden blow, such as taking a hard hit playing a contact sport like football or hockey, or by a chronic condition, such as a stretched ligament. Some people have a particular knee anatomy ...


New concussion headset shows when it's safe to return to play

A new digital headset designed to measure alterations in brain function could change decisions about how quickly an athlete is ready to return to play after a concussion. In an evaluation of the device, UC San Francisco researchers ...

Sports medicine & Kinesiology

Hyaluronic acid shows strong results in Achilles tendon injuries

New data presented at the Isokinetic Football Medicine Conferenceheld May 25–27 in London has revealed significant improvement in professional athletes with Achilles tendon injury using a treatment of bio-inductive and ...

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