Medical research

Iron found to be an important regulator of neurodifferentiation

Iron is important for life, and iron deficiency impairs development, but whether the iron level regulates neural differentiation remains elusive. Iron-regulatory proteins (IRPs), including IRP1 and IRP2, are the major regulators ...

Medical research

Discovery could be key to reducing leukemia treatment resistance

In a world first, Newcastle researchers have discovered the mechanisms acute myeloid leukemia (AML) cells use to produce "free radicals"—the byproduct of a cell process that aggressively fuels the growth of cancer cells ...

Medical research

New mouse model provides unprecedented look at human immune system

Upon the prick of a finger or scrape of the knee, neutrophils rush to the scene. These white blood cells are the first line of defense against infection in all multicellular organisms. "They are absolutely essential for life," ...

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