How a tangled protein kills brain cells, promotes Alzheimer's

Look deep inside the brain of someone with Alzheimer's disease, most forms of dementia or the concussion-related syndrome known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) and you'll find a common suspected culprit: stringy, ...


3 mRNA vaccines researchers are working on (that aren't COVID)

The world's first mRNA vaccines—the COVID-19 vaccines from Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna—have made it in record time from the laboratory, through successful clinical trials, regulatory approval and into people's arms.

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An early warning system: Testing wastewater for COVID-19

Wastewater samples prove everyone infected with COVID-19 'poops' out a little of the rapidly evolving disease. While researchers say the wastewater is not known to be infectious, it does show that COVID-19—the root cause ...

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1 in 100,000 had severe reactions to Pfizer vaccine: US study

Roughly one in a hundred thousand people who received the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine have had severe allergic reactions, US health officials said Wednesday while stressing that the benefits of immunization greatly outweigh ...

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Moderna vaccine confers at least 3 months immunity: study

The Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, which the company says was recently demonstrated to have 94 percent efficacy, causes the human immune system to produce potent antibodies that endure for at least three months, a study showed ...


This is how the new COVID-19 vaccine works

"What is new about this vaccine is that it works using genetic code," says Research Scientist Sven Even Borgos at SINTEF. "This means that the vaccine instructs the body to make small and accurately selected components of ...

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Biomarker predicts who will have severe COVID-19

KAIST researchers have identified key markers that could help pinpoint patients who are bound to get a severe reaction to COVID-19 infection. This would help doctors provide the right treatments at the right time, potentially ...

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Coronavirus-related children's diseases linked to blood cell changes

A newly described disease occurring in children and linked to COVID-19 has significant changes in white blood cells—a discovery that may allow doctors to better assess their young patients' condition and predict their resistance ...

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