Oncology & Cancer

A cancer therapy that inhibits the Notch signaling pathway

EPFL spin-off Cellestia Biotech has just been given the regulatory go-ahead to start clinical testing a molecule it has developed to treat cancers involving mutations of the Notch gene. The molecule is a ray of hope for the ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Lung therapy hope for critical illness

Scientists have pinpointed a chemical signal that worsens inflammation linked to a life-threatening lung condition.

Overweight & Obesity

SORLA controls insulin signaling to promote obesity in mice

Large-scale genetic studies have linked variations in genes and proteins to an increased risk for developing obesity. Determining how these variations alter metabolism to increase body mass may lead to the identification ...

Medical research

Researchers identify important signaling molecule

An international team of scientists have provided insights into the working of a "signaling molecule", which will provide new strategies for medicines in areas such as pain medication.

Oncology & Cancer

To stop cancer: Block its messages

The average living cell needs communication skills: It must transmit a constant stream of messages quickly and efficiently from its outer walls to the inner nucleus, where most of the day-to-day decisions are made. But this ...

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