Oncology & Cancer

Liver metastasis, metabolism, and a therapeutic conundrum

A new study led by researchers at the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center (HICCC) has identified a crucial factor that can drive tumor cells to spread to the liver. The work, which is published in the current issue ...

Oncology & Cancer

A novel approach for lymph node metastasis treatment

Researchers at Tohoku University have discovered a new approach for treating lymph node metastasis. Anticancer drugs are administered directly into the LNs under ultrasound guidance (lymphatic drug delivery system or LDDS) ...

Oncology & Cancer

YBX1 as a key regulator of mitochondrial pyruvate uptake

Cancer metastasis is a crucial area in cancer research that directly affects patient survival and treatment outcomes. Cancer cells often undergo adaptive metabolic changes during metastasis from in situ to distant organs ...

Medical research

Study identifies new treatment target for metastatic cancer

A new University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center study reveals more about changes that happen to cancer cells when they metastasize and identifies a promising target for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer.

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