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Humans outsource thinking from early childhood

The human tendency to make thinking a little easier by using external objects or actions—known as cognitive offloading—begins at an early age, according to research from The University of Queensland.


Japan's 'Kawasaki disease' doctor dies at 95

The Japanese doctor who discovered the mysterious "Kawasaki's disease"—recently in the headlines for some similarities to coronavirus—has died of natural causes aged 95, his research NGO said Wednesday.

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UK says virus-related deaths rise to 48,000

The number of suspected and confirmed deaths from coronavirus in Britain has risen to 48,000, official data showed Tuesday.

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Britain takes its biggest step yet out of lockdown

Younger children went back to schools in England on Monday and parliament geared up to resume normal service, as the world's second-worst-hit country in the coronavirus outbreak took its biggest step yet out of a lockdown ...

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Debates rage in Britain as some children go back to school

Britain partially reopened schools on Monday and allowed the most vulnerable to venture outdoors despite warnings that the world's second worst-hit country is moving too quickly out of its coronavirus lockdown.

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Research probes why COVID-19 seems to spare young children

Lung disease experts at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and their colleagues have determined a key factor as to why COVID-19 appears to infect and sicken adults and older people preferentially while seeming to spare ...

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