JCI Insight

JCI Insight is an Gold Open Access journal that has a 2021 Impact Factor of 9.484. The Journal publishes well-executed, high-quality studies that provide meaningful contributions to the understanding of the biology and/or treatment of disease, with an emphasis on clinically relevant basic and translational research.

American Society for Clinical Investigation

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Inflammatory disorders

Tailored vaccine could one day treat eczema in children

New research from a multi-disciplinary team at Trinity College Dublin suggests a "tailored vaccine" might hold the key to treating bacteria-driven flares of eczema in children. The work has been published in JCI Insight.

Parkinson's & Movement disorders

New evidence suggests link between gut health and Parkinson's disease

While previous studies suggest Parkinson's disease begins in the gut and spreads to the brain, how the process occurs has been elusive. Now, a pre-clinical study led by Duke Health researchers provides new evidence that bolsters ...

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