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JCI Insight is an Gold Open Access journal that has a 2021 Impact Factor of 9.484. The Journal publishes well-executed, high-quality studies that provide meaningful contributions to the understanding of the biology and/or treatment of disease, with an emphasis on clinically relevant basic and translational research.

American Society for Clinical Investigation

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Pitt study points to new opportunities for HIV treatment

Sometimes in science, answers come serendipitously, where researchers aren't expecting to find them. That's what happened to Cristian Apetrei, Ivona Pandrea and their colleagues during a recent study on human immunodeficiency ...


Targeting TAK1 protein to treat systemic sclerosis

Systemic sclerosis is the scaring of multiple organs within the body resulting in difficulty in functioning for these organs. The disease can become deadly if the organ scaring isn't treated properly.


The key to preventing HIV progression may lie in the gut

Restoring and improving gut health may be key to slowing HIV progression to AIDS, according to a new study by University of Pittsburgh infectious diseases scientists published today in the journal JCI Insight.

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