Oncogene is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published by the Nature Publishing Group addressing cancer cell genetics and the structure and function of oncogenes.

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Medical research

Researchers turn cancer cells into less harmful cell types

Cancer occurs when cells grow uncontrollably and spread to other organs in the body. Cancer cells differ from normal cells in many ways. One characteristic of cancer cells is their high adaptability to different environments ...

Oncology & Cancer

Enzyme inhibitor slows tumor growth

Together with researchers from University Hospital Mainz, the University of Regensburg and the IRCM in Montreal (Canada), a research team from Friedrich Schiller University Jena has discovered a novel therapeutic approach ...

Medical research

Sugar chains on cell surfaces direct cancer cells to die

A cytokine named TRAIL binds to TRAIL receptors and kills cancer cells, but not normal cells. Various anticancer drugs targeting TRAIL receptors have been developed and gained great attention as a promising cancer therapeutics, ...

Oncology & Cancer

The mechanisms behind cancer cell resistance to TRAIL treatment

Researchers at KoƧ University discovered why a promising class of cancer treatments fail, and their findings point to how such treatments might be made to work. The research revealed the mechanisms behind the development ...

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