US Navy sailor gets coronavirus in Italy

A US Navy sailor stationed in Italy has contacted the novel coronavirus, marking the first positive case for a US service member in Europe, the US military command said Saturday.

"Military health professionals are conducting a thorough contact investigation to determine whether any other may have been exposed," the US European Command said in a statement.

"Depending on the results of that investigation, additional precautionary measures may be taken."

The service member was stationed in Naples, Italy, and is currently "restricted to their residence", the statement said.

The US European Command and the US Pacific Command comprise the two US foreign combatant commands.

The European one has 70,000 military and civilian personnel and has relations with NATO and 51 countries.

On February 26, US Forces Korea said that a 23-year-old soldier based in South Korea had tested positive as well.

Italy and South Korea are among the countries to have reported the highest number of coronavirus cases to date.

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