Epidemic to 'die out on its own' in Denmark, for now

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The COVID-19 epidemic is expected to disappear in the short term in Denmark, according to a report by researchers who warned however of a "considerable risk" of a second wave.

The report was released by the Danish health agency SSI, which operates under the and is responsible for the surveillance of infectious diseases.

"It is highly likely that the dies out on its own if the current level of closures continues," it said.

The researchers added that the epidemic was expected to die out even with a reopening of businesses, if was maintained, but stressed that "this is in the short term".

Noting the level of immunity in the Danish population was currently low, the report, drawn up for politicians mulling a second phase of easing, warned of "a considerable risk that a second wave of the epidemic will come later".

On April 15, the country started reopening pre-schools and resuming classes for the youngest primary school children—under strict social distancing and hygiene guidelines.

Since then the , or infection rate, of the disease has risen from 0.6 to 0.9, according to SSI, but a rate lower than one still means the number of new cases is going down.

With more than 10,000 cases confirmed, Denmark has recorded 506 deaths from COVID-19.

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