More than one million coronavirus deaths in Europe

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Health authorities across Europe have recorded more than a million coronavirus deaths as of 1830 GMT on Monday, according to a tally compiled by AFP from official sources.

In the region's 52 countries and territories, stretching as far east as Azerbaijan and Russia, the stands at least 1,000,288 dead, the highest of any global region.

According to the latest figures available, nearly 60 percent of the deaths in Europe happened in just six countries: the United Kingdom, with 127,100 deaths; Italy, with 114,612; Russia, with 103,263; France, with 99,163; Germany, with 78,452; and Spain with 76,525.

But the United Kingdom's infection rate is falling as its massive vaccination campaign leads the way in Europe, with around 60 percent of the having already received a first does of a vaccine.

France, Italy and Russia meanwhile are facing a third wave of coronavirus infections and are vaccinating their populations at a slower pace.

These figures are based on daily tolls provided by in each country and exclude later re-evaluations by statistical organisations, as has happened in Russia, Spain and Britain.

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