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Why popular sleep meds don't actually help you get better sleep. They just sedate you, expert says

It's midnight and you're still wide awake.


Researchers identify structure in circadian mRNA that affects the sleep-wake cycle

Circadian rhythms, the internal biological clocks that regulate our daily activities, are essential for maintaining health and well-being. While the role of transcription in these rhythms is well-established, a new study ...


Q&A: The importance of sleep regularity

Americans have become increasingly aware of the fact that they just don't get enough sleep. However it turns out that's not the whole story. Duration is important but so is regularity.


How to get better sleep on long-haul flights

For most of us, the prospect of a long-haul flight is exciting, mixed with a few nerves. We're off somewhere different—perhaps a holiday, maybe to catch up with friends or family. Even work can be more interesting when ...


When sleep disorders presage something more serious

Early one morning, while checking on a slumbering patient at the Center for Sleep Medicine, Erik St. Louis, M.D., noticed something peculiar. The patient, a woman in her early 60's, had started running beneath her bedsheets. ...


Obesity plays key role in children's sleep apnea

Obesity and older age are significant predictors of the severity of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in children, researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center and Children's Health found.