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Liver fibrosis linked to reduced cognitive ability and brain volume

Yale researchers have found that liver fibrosis—scarring of the liver tissue that occurs in many chronic liver diseases—is associated with reduce cognitive ability and, in certain regions of the brain, reduced brain volume. ...


Study shows an association between sleep apnea and brain volume

Studies have shown that sleep apnea is related to an increased risk of dementia. A new study looks at the relationship between sleep apnea and brain volume. The study is published in the May 31, 2023, online issue of Neurology.


Poor balance may indicate changes in brain volume

Historically, the brain has been known to change with age and disease. But now, researchers from Japan have found that the volume of a specific brain region is correlated with physical balance.


Predicting dementia using neural network characteristics

In many neurodegenerative conditions, brain changes occur before symptoms emerge. But now, researchers from Japan have found a new way to distinguish these conditions in the early stages according to changes in brain activity ...

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