Medical research

Lethal cancer cells buddy up to survive

Tumor cells in the most common pancreatic cancer share nutrients to live and grow. A new discovery by University of California, Irvine biologists and collaborators during a four-year investigation could help lead to better ...

Oncology & Cancer

Breast cancer spread uncovered by new molecular microscopy

New technology can trace which populations of breast cancer cells are responsible for the spread of the disease, and for the first time highlights how the location of cancer cells could be as important as mutations in tumor ...

Oncology & Cancer

Sugar molecules as a target in cancer therapy

Cancer cells use sugar molecules on their surfaces to disable attacks by the body's immune system. Researchers at the University of Basel now report on how this mechanism can be neutralized.

Oncology & Cancer

Researchers identify a regulator of breast cancer development

UT Southwestern researchers have identified a causative signaling pathway in breast cancer, providing potential new targets for treatment of the most common type of cancer in women. The findings, published in Science Advances, ...

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