Cracking the genetic code for COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness

Researchers have unveiled critical insights into how our genetic makeup influences the body's response to COVID-19 vaccines. The study, published in Nature Communications, may open new paths to personalized vaccination strategies.

Oncology & Cancer

New study shows how cancer cells exploit the immune system

New research has discovered an important breakthrough that may overcome cancer treatment resistance. The immune system has a naturally occurring 'brake' that tells the body to silence key killer immune cells called CD8+ T-cells ...

Oncology & Cancer

The inhibitory effect of miR-377 on prostate cancer cells

A new research paper titled "Inhibitory effect of miR-377 on the proliferative and invasive behaviors of prostate cancer cells through the modulation of MYC mRNA via its interaction with BCL-2/Bax, PTEN, and CDK4" has been ...

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