Study links protein, clusterin, to cardiac and metabolic diseases

During a study spanning nearly a decade, researchers at The Ohio State University College of Medicine, Houston Methodist Research Institute and Houston Methodist Cancer Center have linked the protein clusterin—for the first ...


How drugs can help your brain encode memories

Medical researchers at the University of Bristol have uncovered a fundamental mechanism that explains the interaction between brain state and the neural triggers responsible for learning. The discoveries, made by researchers ...


Collaboration finds kidney disease tied to DNA damage

(Medical Xpress) -- A research collaboration involving Rockefeller University and more than two dozen other institutions has found a link between a gene mutation and chronic kidney failure. The study, published in Nature ...

Oncology & Cancer

Uncovering a key player in metastasis

About 90 percent of cancer deaths are caused by secondary tumors, known as metastases, which spread from the original tumor site.

Radiology & Imaging

Cloud-magnetic resonance imaging system in the 6G and AI era

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has played an important role in modern medical diagnosis, generating petabytes of crucial data annually across health care facilities worldwide. However, the challenges in big data storage, ...

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