Mild thyroid disorders can cause severe heart problems

It has been known for more than 200 years that severe thyrotoxicosis may lead to cardiac arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat), one of the major reasons for sudden cardiac death. However, the risk associated with mild hyperthyroidism ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Long COVID case study: Recovery process for impaired hormone secretion

Recently, "Long COVID" is becoming a significant medical issue worldwide. It refers to a variety of symptoms that persist over an extended period after the patient has recovered from a novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19). ...

Obstetrics & gynaecology

Reducing the risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome in IVF

The world's first IVF baby, Louise Brown born in England in 1978, was conceived from a naturally developing follicle in her mother's ovary. However, as other groups around the world would quickly discover, the "natural cycle" ...

Obstetrics & gynaecology

Hormone found to regulate mothers' behavior

University of Otago researchers have discovered a new function for the hormone prolactin—it limits a new mom's investment in aggressive behavior and instead focuses them on interacting with their babies.

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