The key to determining the right treatment for breast cancer

The Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC) of MedUni Vienna and Vienna General Hospital has received the highest accolade for its research work in the field of breast cancer: top medical journal The Lancet commissioned Michael Gnant, Head of the Department of Surgery, Head of the Breast Health Center and Deputy Head of the CCC, and Nadia Harbeck, Head of the Breast Center at Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich, to write a paper reviewing the very latest standards in the treatment of breast cancer. The main finding: For breast cancer as well, it's all about precision medicine, the most significant trend in 21st century medicine.

Breast cancer is one of the three commonest types of cancer worldwide. Over the last few years, scientific research into the disease has shown that there are many different types of breast cancer, primarily distinguished by their specific molecularbiological characteristics and their localised spread. Treatments vary as a function of the type and location of the cancer.

The oldest and most highly regarded medical journal in Europe, The Lancet, has asked Michael Gnant und Nadia Harbeck to review the subject in order to evaluate the state-of-the-art plans for the various subtypes of breast cancer. The paper, which summarises the current treatment standards and outlines various treatment concepts, has now been published. Says Gnant: "Our findings clearly show that the key to successful treatment lies in application of the concepts of precision medicine: treatment must always be decided by an interdisciplinary team of experts on the basis of the molecular subtype of the disease. In other words, personalised or has also become indispensable in the treatment of .

Major scientific accolade

This publication represents a further milestone for CCC and MedUni Vienna on their way to achieving international recognition within the scientific community. Says Gnant: "We were greatly honoured that the leading in Europe entrusted this work to us and to Nadia Harbeck's team. This commission demonstrates that our expertise is internationally recognised and in demand on the world stage."

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More information: The Lancet, Published online November 16, 2016
Journal information: The Lancet

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