Overweight & Obesity

Performance enhancing substances linked to eating disorder symptoms

With increasing value and emphasis being placed on muscularity and leanness as today's body ideal, the use of appearance- and performance- enhancing drugs and substances (APEDS), such as whey protein and steroids, has become ...


Contrary to the common view, cerebral palsy can be genetic

Cerebral palsy, a non-progressing motor impairment that begins in early childhood, has widely been viewed as the result of oxygen deprivation during birth or other birth-related factors such as prematurity. While this is ...

Arthritis & Rheumatism

Researchers develop new tool to help better monitor lupus

A new paper in Rheumatology, published by Oxford University Press, indicates that researchers have developed a new, easier, and more accurate tool to measure the progress of lupus in patients.


Gender disparities may be widening for physicians due to COVID-19

As people transitioned to working from home at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, journal submissions from academics increased across the board. But a new study from Northwestern University found as men's scholarly productivity ...

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