Oncology & Cancer

What is a stool DNA test?

Many people with colon cancer experience no symptoms in the early stages of the disease. With time, though, the cancer cells can grow to invade and destroy normal tissue nearby. And cancerous cells can travel to other parts ...

Oncology & Cancer

Multicancer early detection feasible for outpatients

A blood-based multicancer early detection (MCED) test using cell-free DNA (cfDNA) is feasible for outpatients and has a positive predictive value of about 40 percent, according to a study presented at the annual meeting of ...

Medical research

How a patient partnership is propelling cancer research

In the fall of 2018, cancer researcher Corrie Painter began presenting some intriguing early results from a new study on a rare and deadly cancer known as angiosarcoma. She and her fellow scientists hoped that by sharing ...


People with similar faces likely have similar DNA

A collection of photos of genetically unrelated look-alikes, along with DNA analysis, revealed that strong facial similarity is associated with shared genetic variants. The work appears August 23 in the journal Cell Reports.

Gerontology & Geriatrics

Bolstering the reliability of epigenetic clocks

Epigenetic clocks are powerful biomarkers based on DNA methylation that were developed to track aging in population studies, clinical trials, and personal health applications. Intended to measure biological age, they strongly ...

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