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Being a vegetarian may be partly in your genes

From Impossible Burger to "Meatless Mondays," going meat-free is certainly in vogue. But a person's genetic makeup plays a role in determining whether they can stick to a strict vegetarian diet, a Northwestern Medicine study ...


New survey shows alarming increase in challenges to health of Californians

High rates of food insecurity, hate incidents and difficulties accessing health care were at the forefront of issues affecting the health of Californians in 2022, according to the annual California Health Interview Survey, ...


Study recommends improving gut health with okara biscuits

Soy milk and tofu are common in Asian diets. However, the production of these soy-based products results in a solid by-product known as okara. About 4 million tons of okara are produced each year in China, Japan, and Korea ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Q&A: How social isolation, loneliness can shorten your life

Loneliness and social isolation are on the rise in the U.S., but as we take steps to find remedies, a new study reminds us that the two are separate problems, often linked (sometimes in surprising ways) but not always, and ...


France to hold crisis meetings on bedbug 'scourge'

The French government said Tuesday it would host emergency meetings this week to examine surging numbers of reported bedbug cases, which are being increasingly seen as a major potential public health problem.